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Online Shopping from Home

Shopify Integration

By installing the Lucky Rhino Connector app, available in the Shopify app store, you can quickly and seamlessly integrate your shop with the multi-billion dollar incentive rewards industry.


Access more customers, boost sales, and enhance your marketing reach. 

Check out the steps below to learn more. 

Step 1

Review the "What We Offer" and "What We Need" tabs above to learn more about our model. Ensure you meet the "What We Need" criteria before moving to Step 2.


If you want to speak with a member of our team, easily schedule a call by using the button below.

Step 2

Once you confirm you meet the program criteria, click the "Get the App" link below. This link will take you to the Lucky Rhino Connector App in the Shopify App store.

Step 3

Once you have downloaded and installed the Lucky Rhino Connector app, a Partnership Agreement will be sent to you. Review the Agreement and return to us. 

Step 4

Once we receive the Partnership Agreement, we will review your account and reach out to you with questions or additional information. 

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